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Clipping Path vs Image Masking- Know What Your Image Need

Clipping Path and image masking are both helpful methods for image editing that can assist you to separate a topic from the context. The primary distinction between route clipping and masking images is how the topic is isolated. What is Clipping Path? Clipping path is also known as Cutout or deep etch. It’s a Photoshop technique that is done by pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. It is mostly used to remove the background of images. Photos with sharp...

12 Best Ways To Start A Photography Business With No Money (2019)

Thinking about starting a business with no money is like jumping into a sea without a life jacket. We all know business means money. You need money for a business from investing to gaining profit. If you have a good hand in photography you might be thinking about starting a business with it but you don’t have any money and you may think that it is impossible to start a photography business with no money. What if, I tell you that it is possible to...