Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world measured by revenue. With its increasing revenue every year millions of entrepreneur find their place here and day by day growing up to the top. Which means you will find thousands of competitors for your e-commerce business in Amazon.

According to Forbes, “Over 300,000+ US-based small and medium-sized businesses sell through its marketplace.”

Amazon has over 100 million prime customers which help to achieve a milestone that is half of the product search in the world starts on So if you are a service holder in Amazon or want to be one you have to know how product listing works in Amazon. If I say more specifically you need to know image requirements work in Amazon listing.

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos mentioned, “Sales topped $177.9 billion in 2017, a 31% increase from $136 billion in 2016.”

In this article, I will be discussing a few aspects of image optimizations for Amazon and I will try my best to give you the best amazon product photography guidelines. Let’s get started…

  1. Technical Image requirements for Amazon

Ensure good quality product is one of the many reasons that Amazon has for its success. To keep their standard they follow few requirements for product photo which all business holders need to fulfill to do business. Let’s know about the imagery requirements.

Technical Image requirements for Amazon

Technical Image requirements for Amazon

You can find more in the Amazon’s customer help & support service page.

2. Image priority for product page

If you follow all the requirements described above your product image will get accepted by the amazon but it’s not enough to increase the revenue of your business. Selling a product mostly depend on the presentation of the product. To make your product desirable in online marketplace you have to keep two very important things in your mind. One is photography another is presentation of that product photo. In this segment I will be talking about the presentation of the product photo in amazon.

Before presenting the product photo you have to ask yourself that how you want to see a product when you go for shopping. You have to imagine as a customer only then you will get almost all the answer that you need to present your product photo on amazon.

Amazon accepts 7 to 9 images for presenting each product. As this is an online marketplace people can’t touch or try it on so you have to gain customers trust and also impress them only with these 7 to 9 images. Research shows that people often spent only 7 to 8 sec on an image. That means you have to impress them within this period of time which isn’t an easy job to do.

According to George Kern, Art director at Printed Pixel Inc., “Presenting your product photo can increase your sell by a large margin. So assigning your product image is very important to show up in the correct order in the amazon search result.”

Now let’s come to my suggestion. For this I choose clothing products screenshot as an example.

Image Requirements for Amazon

Image priority for product page

As customer you always want to have a good look at the product you want to buy. So the main image must be the best possible good looking product image you can provide. Then you have to give a tour to your customer of your product through various angle. We already talked about Image size for amazon products above which you also have to keep in mind. At the very last end up with informative image like the technology that is used to make the product which will build the trust of the customer.

3.Amazon stander’s for high-quality image

Amazon always known for quality service through its lifetime. They do anything for ensuring the quality of a product. So they always prefer high quality image which you only can get from professional photography. According to Amazon picture requirements, color variants should be reshot. Where sales converting and receiving more clicks is particularly important, the use of high-quality images for Main and children’s SKU images is also a part of non-tech Amazon standards. Few important amazon image requirements are:

Real Photo: Amazon always encourage real images instead of illustrated or graphically made product images. If you need to include chart or any infographic image use product label close ups, product comparison and images including informational charts.

Keep it Simple: in your product image do not you use anything that is not directly related to the product or it will work as a distracting element which eventually drop your sales than increasing it.

Quality: Always use high resolution, sharp images for your product photo that look realistic. Pay attention to every detail you can. In addition to compliance with Amazon’s image requirements, high-quality imagery also gives shopkeepers the opportunity to view their products only on a screen.


4. Product photography for Amazon

I think till now I am successful to give you an idea about amazon product infographic, best image size for amazon listing more importantly give you an idea about image requirements for amazon. Now I am going to talk about how you can get the best ecommerce product photograhy which is needed for your business. First of all let’s see two sample image where one is captured with pretty ordinary way and another is captured with professional way.

Captured in an ordinary way

Captured in an ordinary way

Now ask yourself which product photo is looking more attractive and desirable to you. After seeing those image I am sure you are thinking about photographing your product with a professional product photographer. For online marketplace products must look realistic or people won’t buy your word. The only way you can make your product interesting, eye catchy as well as realistic is to take professional product photography and professional post processing service for your product photo.


Image Requirements for Amazon

Captured in a professional way

You will also want to be careful about the lighting of your image and how it affects the colors of your photographs, especially because they must be the same as they are with the naked eye in your images. It can take a little bit of post – processing.

“Use an additional light source and then edit the photo to make it pop, “says Termuhlen.

  5.Using different product photo

product pictures Amazon

product pictures Amazon

product pictures Amazon

product pictures Amazon

6. Importance of e-commerce photo editing for Amazon

You still talk to one person at a given time, even when you market your entire audience or customer base. You simply need one photo to impress which of your collection should be the best. UK Clipping Path will treat you like a perfect picture of every product. We want to be the trusted one for you with our quality image editing services and the lowest price. After capturing your product with a professional photographer the next big thing is the image editing which we also known as ecommerce product photo editing.

Image Requirements for Amazon

e-commerce photo editing

Product photo retouching services include removing or changing the product background to whites, trimming and masking, reshaping, product colour optimization, removal of unwanted elements, creation of shadows and reflections, editing, picture composition and so forth, 360-degree rotating pictures.

You can find out how you will market it first before creating a “Great E-Commerce Business.” For a startup e-commerce business, UK Clipping Path is always there. We can help you market your product in a perfect way with our image editing service.

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