Jewelery Photo Editing is the most popular services for the photographer and e-commerce business trends. So after photo shot, you need to remove background for your product. We show how to do Jewelry background in easy ways: Follow the below step by step:

This is the final images before and after.


Step 1 – Firstly, Go the file and open the image.


Step 2 – You need to select the pen tool.


Step 3 – Zoom your image by Press Ctrl and Press + sine and make sure your path is going on the right way.


Step 4 – Now you press CTRL and enter at the time, get selection in all around the image.


Step 5 – Copy the background.


Step 6 – After copy the background you need to layer masking.


Step 7 – You must fill the color and set 100% white.


Step 8 – Save your image where you want.


Step 9 – Finally put your image quality maximum 12.