Remove background from an image can be time consuming. But every e-Commerce photo definitely need white background for Amazon & eBay.  Number of tools to make the job quickly and easily. Want to learn how to remove background from e-Commerce photo?

Look ! That’s your final image.

Background remove final work

Step 1: Firstly, open your selected e-Commerce photo.

step 1 open the image

Step 2: You need to select the pen tool.

step 2 select the pen tool

Step 3: Now you have to selection the path of all around the image.

step 3 and selection the path

Step 4: Copy the background.

step 4 background copy

Step 5: After copy the background you need to layer masking.

step 5 background copy and layer mask

Step 6: You must fill the color and set 100% white.

step 6 fill the color and set 100 white

Step 7: Save your e-Commerce photo where you want.

step 7 save image

Step 8: Finally put your image quality maximum 12.

step 8 image option quality maximum 12