Clipping Path and image masking are both helpful methods for image editing that can assist you to separate a topic from the context. The primary distinction between route clipping and masking images is how the topic is isolated.

What is Clipping Path?


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Clipping path is also known as Cutout or deep etch. It’s a Photoshop technique that is done by pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. It is mostly used to remove the background of images. Photos with sharp and smooth edges mostly go through cutout service. This type of edge helps to keep the path straight.

A poorly drawn clipping path may lead to pictures that do not appear genuine or natural. We can zoom in pictures up to 200 per cent sometimes so that we can get as near as feasible to the brink. When establishing a cutting path, it is essential to take your time, as it can tarnish your brand and lead you to lose revenues. The e-commerce environment today is competitive and you would like to see the pictures of your item stand out –in a healthy manner.

What is Image Masking?


Image Masking vs clipping path

Image masking is also a way of removing the image background. This technique is used on images with hairy or fur edges like hair area, wool area etc. Masking is done by the various Photoshop tool like background eraser tool, Magic Eraser Tool and Color separation tool.

It is useful to remove the backdrop of a picture with the photomasking technique when your picture has many fine lines and tiny details. This is usually fuzz on a sweater, fur on a pet, or hair on a model, in the e-commerce globe.

The method used to mask the picture relies on a number of variables, and in certain instances, more than one will have to be used. For instance, you likely need to use a mixture of an image- masking methods, if your images are very complicated with shadows or various background colours.

Deep Etch Vs Photo Masking


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The distinction between the clipping path and the photomasking is generally the method used to extract the background from a picture. The pictures need to be masked more complexly. The background of complicated pictures may technically be removed with the clipping path but the outcome is not always as attractive as the image masking would be. As you can say, the picture edited is unnatural.

Photo Masking vs clipping path

Photo Masking Services

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