The significance of product photography is not underscored. Nearly half of online customers find the top influence in their buy decisions to be high-quality brand pictures. Your website must offer if you want to sell if half want at least three to five pictures of your product from a distinct angle.

You can transform your product pictures from the background to your pictures, distinguish yourself from your rivals, and contribute to more internet revenues on your journey. Find below 9 innovative solutions to brand photography and examples.

8 Alternatives to White Background Product Photography

  1. Black backgrounds
  2. Solid colours
  3. Pattern
  4. Bokeh
  5. Textures
  6. Wood backgrounds
  7. Contextual backgrounds
  8. Neutrals

Black backgrounds

Photography of the black background item is a typical strategy in luxury products, namely gemstones, alcohol, and cosmetics. It produces an elegant, complex appearance while retaining the item in a neutral way.

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black background_ukclippingpath

Many occasions the brightness of the item is improved to produce a drastic impact. Shadows and reflections can generate both drama and size. Here is an instance of the tech brand named SONY, which brightness contributes to the hair texture and luxury.

Solid colours

Backgrounds with a single colour are another simple option and can readily be accomplished by removing the context. A coloured background can attain different designs, based on the hue you choose, unlike a neutral or black hue.

For instance, take Helbak, the ceramic distributor. High colours contribute to the page a sense of playfulness and animation while showcasing the goods.

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Solid colors_ukclippingpath

Anthropologie uses subtle colours that suit their brand name to adopt a mildly distinct strategy to the coloured backdrop in its product pictures. They also use two-toned walls and floors to add shot dimensions. The walls appear to the floor.


Adding a pattern to your product pictures is another easy way to create flair — and can be done through the extraction of the context, so no additional photographs are essential.

product pictures

product pictures

You can advance creativity and transform your logo into a model that enhances brand identity. Temple Spa offers internet products for luxurious spa beauty, with its item pictures showcasing a straightforward design history. The model corresponds to its complex and elegant brand identity.

Be cautious with your item photographs using patterned backgrounds. You can divert very readily and over-stimulate customers from the products themselves.

Wood backgrounds

Wood for your item pictures is an attractive and innovative history. In addition, you can discover it almost anywhere, for instance, a table, a seat, a board or a tree stump. Wood is good to create a homely, rustic feel. You can play with various wood kinds until you discover one that operates for you.

Wood background

Wood backgrounds

The June Berry Company baby clothing brand utilizes this strategy to perform the brand in silent, grey timber.

Project Juice produces a visual esthetic distinct from June Berry Company but still utilizes wood for consumer photo-photos creatively. The background to the left image complements cold-pressed juices in their rustic, terrestrial and natural qualities. The background emphasizes the same qualities as a contextual element.


Bokeh is when a portion of the photograph is deliberately not focused on a particular look or area. This method can also be used to create a distinctive context for your item pictures.

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For instance, Kay Jewelers has a very subtle Bokeh impact in this picture flag. The last look of Bokeh varies significantly.

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But the following apparitions can be made by bokeh:

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Bokeh creates a single brand picture and emphasizes a particular element of the item in the picture. It is usually used both in photographs of gems and perfumes, as well as during Christmas with background lamps.


This range is quite wide, with textures ranging widely. For instance, take the Unicorn Collective. Their population is usually female, so with glitter, violet, and mesh, they have attained a distinctive context.

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Winter Garden Studios requires a subliminal strategy to the textured backdrop and retains black as the background colour. In your local craft shop or online, you can discover textured cardstock to produce a comparable impact.

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textured background_ukclippingpath

You can sometimes search for inspiration outside. Use the context of your item pictures with leaves, trees, sand or moss. In the winter, Liquid Summer Beverage Co. used snow to display their juices – they look very cold.

Contextual backgrounds

37% of shoppers online want to look at your goods in context. History showing the item used helps customers to see the products used in their own life.

Notice how Vida Pour Tea is placed on a pile of books, with what appears as a comfortable sofa in the background. In this very same scenario, online shoppers can picture themselves using this mug in actual lives.

Contextual backgrounds

Contextual backgrounds

Another brand that does this with its internet product pictures is Free People. In the following instance, you can see clothing and tools carried on the beach in a real scenario. The two other pictures of the products show the green and blue sky that you will enjoy on the beach.

Consider the circumstances in which your item can improve a person’s knowledge or fix problems when selecting context information for your item pictures.

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Mug Contexed textures

Hung for thoughts? See what consumers post on social media for advice on your item (or goods of your rivals). Reviews of products are also very insightful.


Neutrals like black, grey or beige can show internet your products in the safest game, nearest to a common white backdrop, but also allow you to introduce a new graphic aesthetic. Your products are not distracted by neutrals.

White Background Product Photography


Cedar & Hyde Mercantile (pictured above),  While selling clothing, home decoration and gifts online and on its Boulder, Colorado shop, has a variety of neutral hues in the background of its product photos.

Alternatives to White Background Product Photography

The correct context to select your product pictures is limited to several factors: your brand, your products, and your public. You should improve and complement your brand background, showcase your products and meet the wishes of your audience.

In general, their brand pictures are presented by the best e-commerce brands, displaying products in a range of situations and perspectives. The highest outcomes can be obtained by combining two or more of the above options with white consumer photographs.

In an e-commerce business, image editing plays an important role for marketers. With good product photography and best clipping path service can make your product photo speak for you to the consumers.  For every type of product that you want to sell online, you have to present it in a believable manner as people can’t touch your product. For a different type of product image editing varies. Whether you are using clipping path company in India or UK or you are using an online tool like remove bg, image editing online one thing you should believe that never take your consumers for granted.